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Consulting and training in employment

Opus Simplex is expert in Hungarian and EU employment law. We recommend our services to any employing organization, especially in issues requiring expertise above the daily routine. Contact us before unexpected or risky decisions, or if you need professional support. Our aim is to provide unbiased, professional quality services to earn our clients’ satisfaction.


Consulting in employment

Opus Simplex assists the lawful employment of nearly 15.000 employees a month. We understand your questions and we are familiar with the employment issues you face. Our experts will find you the most efficient solution possible within the legal framework.

Main areas for consulting

◊ Scheduling and working time optimization

Scheduling working time is one of the most complicated but also most important part of employment policy. We elaborate the most effective schedules considering the exact needs of the given organisation while respecting the legal framework. We help you to evade labour fines and – more importantly – to save wage expenses with better scheduling.

Drafting collective bargaining agreements

The collective bargaining agreement with a trade union or a works council’s agreement with the works council hides huge opportunities. A collective agreement is not an outdated, unnecessary document but could serve as a key to revolutionize employment in your organisation. The Hungarian Labour Code offers the parties wide possibilities to deviate from its provisions in collective agreements, even to the detriment of the employee. A properly drafted collective agreement can adjust the legal framework to the exact needs of the organisation to the common satisfaction of management and labour. We assist you throughout the whole negotiation process, from identifying the key issues to the wording of the text. If you already have a collective agreement, our experts prepare a proposal for its actualization. For the parties’ common invitation, we assist as mediators in resolving collective disputes.

◊ Remuneration systemsSzemelyzeti szaktanacsadas

Are you sure your employees are paid all remuneration the law and your contracts require? And you do not pay anything unnecessarily? We help you to set up or redesign the remuneration system, the processes of performance evaluation or inner carrier plans.

◊ Employment audit

If you use the same contract samples for long years or you haven’t reviewed your employment policies lately, you might need a full employment audit. We offer overall reviewing but we can also focus only to the strategic areas by your selection. We aim to set out processes which can be implemented to the given organisation’s every day practice.

◊ Drafting sample documents

We support our clients with a full set of documents necessary from hiring to firing. The samples are drafted for the exact demands and specialities of the organisation.

Any service falling under the act on attorneys (e.g. representation in court) is offered through our partner law office.

Safety without obligations 

Ask for our consulting services in an hourly rate for and enjoy the security of professional support, whenever its necessary. We answer your questions in short time, also in personal consultation if requested. Fees are only due for the work requested, we do not charge for availability.

If you need continuous assistance, we recommend to contract for a flat rate.


For a personal offer, please send us your questions and contact data!


Useful trainings in employment – with outstanding instructors

We believe and experience that even the most complicated legal provision can be approached with easy to follow explanations and practical examples. Our training sessions empower participants with the necessary information which can really be utilized in their everyday work. Besides the professional agenda we also care for good atmosphere to make participants feel comfortable during the training.

The training agenda and the time frame are designed upon the wish of our client. Don’t expect time wasting theoretical presentations, we explain only what you and your colleagues need to hear.

Participants may ask questions during the whole course of our trainings. Our aim is to support our clients with valuable information, not just theory, and we give answers to their specific problems.

Our most popular trainings:

  • Let’s schedule the working time!

  • How to use reference periods in working time effectively?

  • Disciplinary measures in the workplace

  • The lawful termination of the employment relationship

  • Employment law training for workplace supervisors

  • Employment law update: recent changes in the legal regulation

  • Communication training and effective bargaining

  • Dealing with workplace stress

  • Values in employment law

For a personal offer, please send us your questions and contact data!